Liu Yunshan stressed in the national network culture construction and management work conference

actively promote the construction of network culture with Chinese characteristics to ensure the healthy development of network culture Beijing in June 4,

national network culture construction and management work conference held in Beijing on June 3rd to 4, the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Liu Yunshan attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that strengthening the construction and management of the network culture, we must adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, according to the active use and develop scientific management requirements, strengthen management in construction management, to promote the healthy development of the Internet, and strive to become the dissemination of advanced socialist construction the culture of the new ways, new platform of public cultural services, the health of the people’s spiritual and cultural life of new space, new channels of publicity, out of a network culture Chinese characteristic development road.

Liu Yunshan pointed out that the construction of network culture with Chinese characteristics is a major deployment of the CPC Central Committee from the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and cultural development strategy. To strengthen the network culture construction and management, is the development of advanced socialist culture, so as to satisfy the people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs, is to occupy the ideological and cultural positions, an urgent need to promote social stability and harmony, with strong desire, people urgently need to protect the physical and mental health of young people, is to establish a good image, the urgent need to increase the country the soft power of national culture.

Liu Yunshan stressed, should be based on national conditions, adhere to the construction of China, satisfy the people’s spiritual and cultural needs, strengthen the network of cultural product creation and production, to provide more and better network of cultural products and services; to strengthen the online public opinion, consolidate the mainstream public opinion development positive health upward; strengthen the construction of network platform to build online culture which has a wide influence; strengthen the moral construction of the network, to create a civilized and healthy spiritual home. To insist on the one hand, on the one hand the construction management, clear management responsibilities, highlighting the focus of management, improve the management mechanism, to maximize the positive role of maximize defuse the negative impact, to ensure the healthy development of network culture.

Liu Yunshan stressed the need to strengthen the leadership, the network culture construction and management as the reform and development of the socialist cause of global priority, formulate preferential policies to increase support for efforts to cultivate qualified personnel, to provide strong guarantee for the network culture construction and management. To stand in the forefront of world science and technology and cultural development, to treat the network culture construction in the era of vision, innovative thinking, the spirit of reform, renew the idea, change the way of working, learning and mastering the basic knowledge and skills of the network, grasp the rules and characteristics of network development, and continuously improve the ability to use and manage the network., firmly grasp the initiative of network development and the construction of network culture.

State Councilor Chen Zhili in his concluding speech stressed that all localities and departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of the national network of cultural construction and management conference, further