this year, the Internet has become a hot spot in the field. In fact, morphologically, live is not completely from scratch, but in the show mode on the minimally invasive new products. In the era of the show, is more low-key, even some talk about taboo, such as Youku and Iqiyi last year has launched a show platform, but rarely mentioned in the media; but live completely changed the low-key style show".

is precisely the high profile of the product led to the popularity of this product. Live fire how many CDN service platform officials revealed to TechWeb, more than 80% of the live platform to choose its CDN service. From the traffic point of view, in May this year, the network platform video live broadcast monthly average traffic rose 180% compared to last year in May.

is almost the same product form, show why tepid and live hot? From show to broadcast industry, and what has changed?

live popular: low threshold pan entertainment as the main cause of

first appeared in the traditional live show Xing in China in 2005, the prototype for online video chat rooms, after 2009 to live in beauty as the core content is the main early singing and dancing. The show is mainly based on the PC scene, need professional studio equipment and fixed, but also need to have some talent for acting anchor.

According to

, the speed transit Institute, to show users show entertainment mode attention type, hot dance, singing is the main content of the user’s attention, have a good body, good dancing female anchor who swaying in the lens of dance, is a lot of male users pay the goal, also is the loneliness of choice.

There is a strong interaction to

singing and telling jokes and the female anchor between users, can attract a large number of users involved, but also the user mode of entertainment live show of love.

this is only part of the anchor positioning result in specific groups of people, a lot of Indoorsman to see the beauty of the state is reminiscent of "vulgar" and "edge ball", the show platform low-key not unrelated to this.


has completely changed the live show high threshold. Live mainly relying on the mobile terminal, without professional equipment and fixed location, can be described as a live broadcast anywhere. From the perspective of the content, live is no longer confined to singing and dancing, but extended to tourism, education and other fields, the contents of the pan entertainment for every kind of users can be like network television anchor, all the people can participate in.

36 Research Institute of Xi Ren said krypton, broadcast industry hot, is mainly driven by the following four aspects: first, the upgrading of the needs of users, high interactive, strong social live entertainment has become the mainstream; second, the convenience of the network, 4G content production tools to upgrade, "anytime, anywhere, fragmentation live become possible; third, consumption habits and the popularization of mobile payment Cuishu live profit model; fourth, capital power live heat warming, live audience category and expanding.