some people say: Mom is indeed very fierce, a few months to a few years old advertising results, others say that Ali mother burned millions, hundreds of people, regardless of, or Ali mother, Ma Yun’s policy is to burn.

yes, Ali mother appeared in China advertising market, the Ali Mama discussion and research has been the IT news commentators keen, because behind such a hot, not only to the webmaster circles, it is not only the crazy burn results, more important is behind the operator – ma.

for a long time, individual stationmaster group are few iconic characters, and the characteristics of individual owners also determine its cohesion is not enough: dispersion region, complete the website construction of the independent, low-key industry habits etc. main influence and decide the individual stationmaster group is not the iconic characters, although the leader of several individuals webmaster: refuse swimming fish (laggards owners), graph king (Admin5 head), Pang Shengdong ( station), but the overall effect is not significant for the individual webmaster.

is a strange but Ma example, he is not the small website started, do not understand technology, and rarely participate in any form of personal webmaster general assembly, but his influence on individual stationmaster group, really high.

it was a joke: "is not because of a Ali alliance?" can not be denied that the previous Taobao promotion period, registered a send 10 activities, indeed to small and medium-sized webmaster to the benefits and interests, but if you simply believe that Ma is only by money and please zhongxiaozhan long, the China hundreds of advertising alliance responsible person, did not have a bunch of stationmaster fans? Just so simple?

because Ma enough grassroots!

Ma Yun before success, a teacher only, and for the industry’s future, can see the old boy to describe, he has a solid economic base, there is no strong family background, even handsome appearance at all do not touch, with a crazy way of doing things, Ma Yun made a grassroots style success.

many people are advocating the American Dream (American Dream), if only in the United States, in order to obtain the duckling into a swan leap, and the success of Ma Yun has told the young and urgent successful Webmaster: as long as the efforts will be successful.

"we can also set up their own eighteen Arhats!" "we can be bigger than Ma Yun" "our project than Ma Yun!" with Ma Yun as the reference numerous plans and ideas, continue to appear in the hearts of young owners, regardless of the outcome, will always be deeply branded with Ma Yun shadow.

Ma because of enough loyalty!

what is loyalty? Gangster movie chopping up people that silly, really is a heroic loyalty, Ma said: "thank you webmaster, that I have to return them."