Author: Chen Yunbo

in recent years, because of the rapid development of electronic commerce in China; let a person’s name can be said about the very influential, known to every family. Yes, that is Ma!

objectively speaking, Ma has not only talk rapidly eloquence; but also have advanced strategic thinking. When the SARS epidemic in China in 2003, a lot of people wearing masks dare not go shopping. At this moment, Ma has a unique vision, creating China’s first C2C Taobao. Then in 2005, Taobao for the first time over eBay, from then on a single large, rapid development. It can be said that MA in the field of e-commerce unique vision and mode of operation is very worthy of our study, analysis and learning.

when a lot of people in the mimic e-commerce platform (such as the group purchase network) when Ma has been through the creation of Alipay Internet solves the problems of e-commerce. After continuous innovation, study habits, the seller purchase operation through the analysis of the background of humanity and optimization of buyers; creative design decoration market, Amoy, Amoy girl, analysis software, promotion software, third party operators, Yu Ebao, Amoy loan platform for a variety of derivative products and services, to meet the needs of buyers and sellers transaction demand.

a lot of people have asked Ma Yun: core competitiveness where? Someone said, give priority to the establishment of a business platform marketing model is the core competitiveness of Ma Yun; however, these are not accurate, any model can be replicated and only the concept of continuous innovation and the spirit beyond the core competitiveness of Ma Yun! In fact lies in continuous innovation. To meet the needs of buyers and sellers of the sale. Ma Yun has welcomed the competitors to imitate him, because he saw all of his imitators have failed to see the secret key. Because of the nature of the situation, Ma established a network of e-commerce ecosystem (to meet the seller and the buyer a variety of environmental features or software), and continue to improve the ecological footprint of this ecosystem to consolidate their status. However, whether companies or individuals, will have advantages have disadvantages, advantages will have weaknesses; Ma is also the person who is most afraid of Ma? We hope that through this analysis, to the electricity supplier buddies some inspiration, through the analysis of Ma Yunmen (including Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, Yi Xun Ma Huateng) strategic thinking, adaptation electronic business rules of the game, so do your business, expand your business strategy.

first, Ma are most afraid of loss of buyers (consumers), exactly converge to hundreds of millions of traffic consumers; because this is the e-commerce platform to the foundation of development, not the flow of people will not be competitive, certainly not worth. Some time ago, the grand birth and the strong promotion of Ma Yun, we should still remember. Many people will ask: why do you want to do with the Electronic Commerce Ma seemingly unrelated products? And almost up to go to the main push this product? It is because Ma saw the biggest trend of e-commerce is the fragmentation of consumer and mobile terminal consumption; and the Tencent WeChat just a good grasp of the consumption mode >