Baidu enthusiasts ( news, following Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, and a new community of knowledge products – Baidu experience [] formally launched today. The main carrier is a Baidu experience can guide people to complete certain target article, and life closely, can help people solve practical problems.


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according to official reports, the "Baidu experience" in each "experience" is an article to guide people to achieve a certain purpose of the article, usually includes an overview of the tools / materials, steps / methods, notes, references and other parts, the steps / methods a detailed description of the process to achieve the purpose of convenient operation. Learning and imitation. Experience is usually rich in pictures (if necessary), and the concise text, usually closely linked with real life, can help people solve practical problems.

if you want to search for "experience", to search for a keyword input can be at the top of the page in the search box, such as "wash down jacket", "knitting", and click on the search button, the system will show more experience and keyword related, according to need to click to view the full text experience. Of course, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the "experience" of the search, you can also use the "good experience" tab to filter out what you think is more useful".


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experience and Baidu know different, Baidu focus on user experience "how to do" and "how to do" this kind of problem, and specifically for this kind of problem is common and process characteristics, provide solutions form is more convenient for users to read, learn and try. An empirical articles, usually includes an overview of the tools / materials, steps / methods, notes, references and other parts, are generally rich in the clear picture, the user can according to the text and pictures of the guidance, step by step until the completion of the operation. Also, more high-end source of Baidu experience, will be invited to many industry organizations, experts and scholars, the folk master composition experience think-tank, provide more professional and authoritative experience for reference, and strive to ensure that every piece of experience can bring real help.


experience compared to the Baidu Encyclopedia also has its unique features, Baidu experience is provided for the completion of a target process guidance, and allow certain subjectivity, as long as it can help the user to achieve target can be called a qualified experience. Baidu experience with Baidu encyclopedia entry according to the directory entry directory is greatly different, regardless of what field experience, most can be outlined by the tools / materials, steps / methods and precautions of several parts, relatively more uniform template.