experienced in the exploration of the hot 60s, 80s, after the silence of the 90s VR this year ushered in a new round of high tide, Facebook, Google, ICAF, car potential technology, the beauty of the real Yunke, Audi music, such as a large number of science and technology of Internet Co and traditional enterprises into VR from all eight parties, and is also the capital market he began to rush. However, behind the bustling, seems to have entered a period of dormancy, such as in the Google search in the field of science and technology, perennial top three word "VR" has been out of the top 10; and Zuckerberg acquired virtual reality helmet manufacturer Oculus Oculus Rift at $2 billion after Fangqiu has been free, but in an interview shortly before however in the release of a little regret buying Oculus VR’s comments. Even more chilling is afraid of shipments, even Oculus, HTC Vive, Sony PSVR of the three companies, the sales data is carefully conceal mentioning. Before a group of geeks Park leads to speculation data: Oculus this year plans to ship 1 million units, HTC Vive is about 400 thousand units, about 1 million 500 thousand units in Sony PSVR. However, data from Steam has shown that the growth of HTC Vive users in August has been almost stagnant, the current shipments of about 100 thousand units, far below expectations.

fact, let VR into such a dilemma is precisely this group of practitioners is rash and too much in haste, they took VR off the runway, the specific


, a wrong business logic: VR+ vertical industry is just a false proposition, vertical industry +VR is the right way to

Don’t talk about VR

now all walks of life seems to have become a mediocre performance, VR+ VR+, VR+ car shopping, education, VR+ live, VR+ games, VR+ VR+ VR+, real estate, tourism, gaming VR+ adult content…… Cover and contain everything that is, Nothing is too strange., excessive speculation, bubble emerging industries. There are three reasons:

1, VR has not developed to each industry to adapt to the situation, especially the field experience strong sense and strong social attributes formats, such as tourism, retail shopping, think about the future will not go to Egypt to see Pyramid, go to Huangguoshu Waterfalls to see the waterfall, sitting at home with a VR feeling, the tourism industry or tourism scenic spots? Bring visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and multi-dimensional feeling is temporarily unable to VR precise simulation, this was not immersed, the purpose of travel is "into one, one scene together, and one", if only the visual reduction, I’m afraid it is difficult to completely replace the. In addition, the scene also depends on the experience of a "retail" also has a similar problem, in March this year, the Alibaba announced the establishment of VR laboratory based on VR technology started "Buy+" plan but few people interested. To know that shopping is not just a fitting, try >