In the face of this year’s

micro industry blowout, quiet social space was suddenly filled with a variety of mask purchasing at the same time, some time ago in the micro business marketing fraud, sentenced the illegal goods trafficking business news micro micro business development in the industry emerge in an endless stream, blowout now, also face the risk at the legal level, and the kangaroo store hand Ali, was able to reverse this situation?

chaotic micro industry status similar to MLM

in the derivative industry people most are not supply channels, only a few people can directly or by purchasing agent manufacturers, manufacturers on behalf of, most of the rest do derivative are high profit margins or rampant derivative prospects.

For example, a

mask price provider of unified price 200 yuan, micro agents do the brand can get the goods at a price of 50 yuan, the difference of space a mask of 150 yuan, and then by the suppliers to provide promotional templates, qualification certificates and other information publicity. In the propaganda, is distributed through the sale or sale of the line, the ability is always limited, so the price of 100 yuan to distribute themselves in each line, the mask is pumped into 50 yuan, to find offline distribution, until can’t continue, not sell, can only be yourself.

The development of

is to eliminate the problem of asymmetric information, let people, items of information and prices become more transparent, and micro business practices but it goes to the door.

a variety of micro business practices face legal risks

as everyone knows, derivative of the sale of the goods are sold in the circle of friends and other social networking platform, product quality and customer service service is not guaranteed, followed by commodity in the promotion process, some micro business through the "payment tool builder" and "chat" and other tools to create micro generator agents to attract popular scene consumers reduce their consumption concerns, but this operation has been suspected to consumer fraud, and not all commodities can be sold on the Internet, the shelves have a clear audit mechanism including Taobao Tmall and other electronic business platform for the goods, some time ago the "circle of friends" of the news to a private sale of counterfeit cigarettes the derivative was broke, the status of the industry chaos, need a new industry rules to regulate and correct.

kangaroo store hand Ali, leading a new atmosphere in the micro industry

According to the official website of

is introduced, the kangaroo store is an emerging social distribution application, the existing 500 thousand shopkeepers gathered here, stressed that "everyone can open the mobile phone shop", and the mobile phone shop and other shop tools are essentially different. In the kangaroo shop commodity suppliers are from Taobao Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and other domestic and international business platform to add. Kangaroo shop reached a depth of cooperation with ALI, Ali acquired more information on the basis of the existing commodity products, including Taobao Tmall, and even the entire line of goods for the Alibaba, followed by the