lead: ask him to teach was founded in December 19, 2014, is the total size of consecutive rounds of financing has exceeded 150 million by early Chinese well-known master Chen Yuanhe joint learning and thinking, science, Ali, Tencent executives and others founded.


July 14th morning news communication life newspaper exclusively learned that "O2O tutor asked him to teach" once again announced that it has completed 86 million A+ round of financing at the beginning of June. This round of financing by Ying Investment Group investment led, early investors venture capital, venture capital, new Meihua letter 51.com chairman Pang Shengdong all to continue with the vote.

"as of now, please teach him to register the parent user 400 thousand, the year will exceed 1 million." Ask him to teach CEO Chen Yuanhe said in an interview with the daily life communication, in this round of financing, will continue to expand the focus of city expansion, and the establishment of teacher training center and system, to build the core competitiveness and continue to work hard.

also revealed that he taught B round of financing is also expected to be announced within a month.

reportedly asked him to teach, founded in December 19, 2014, was founded by China early well-known master Chen Yuanhe combined with learning and thinking, science, and Tencent executives Ali et al., founded in half a year, has won the total size of the financing round of financing has exceeded 150 million.

has asked him to teach the opening of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing and other 10 cities, within a month will also open 5 new cities, plans to open this year, the city of 30. In the power of capital, ask him to teach the acquisition of several small Kellogg School tutor o2o enterprises, and to absorb the team to join, the staff has broken 200.

why so favored capital will ask him to teach this? Ying Investment Group Chairman Lin Jinfeng said, initially, he did not believe that an Internet person can do a good job of education, but when his friend asked him to teach the probation service have praised, he hastened to take the initiative to find the team asked him to teach. Please put forward the investment he taught, then ask him to teach has received a lot of investment intent, in order to grab the investment from other investors, he will also take the initiative to pull 100 million high valuation.