with the development of the times, every industry marketing development to a certain period of time will have to break the deadlock, when the beginning of fierce market competition, the market competition has intensified, the industry giants began to form, as the beauty salon entrepreneurs how to lead the beauty salon marketing breakthrough today? And the Internet has gradually entered our life, is a completely different from the traditional media marketing platform, and can get into our world. That Internet marketing is also more and more incentive, on the Internet also began a fierce competition in the market, the Internet has become the intermediary between people on the Internet, everyone can be the producer can also be consumers. For many launch website beauty salons, beauty salons, Odie joined the chain can be very good to improve the basic functions of the Internet reflected. Not only reflects the brand value of the self can do so that consumers feel intuitive brand related information, you can do more than three goods, or even the thirty thousand.

now beauty industry market increasingly large, the market is not only their own marketing routines are done, and the other stores are done, the customer has no stimulation, then as a beauty salon owner, how to break this impasse? The beauty salon once a marketing deadlock, a direct result of the the result is the performance of piaffe. If the piaffe wait, will wait for the loss of customers — is vicious spiral instability — a gradual decline in performance of the beautician…… Sichuan city of Yibin province in 2 years ago, Ms. Feng opened a small beauty salon is caught in a stalemate, Ms. Feng through thousands of advice about on the Internet to find a beauty salon, Odie joined the chain, joined Exelon Odie, Ace Outi headquarters gave him breaking network marketing break the traditional type of the original mode of operation, the establishment of scientific marketing system, let the customer into the store because of demand, continue to let her beauty and natural growth performance, completed a successful breakthrough in three months, the turnover to 200 thousand yuan, the average monthly growth of more than five times.

use the Internet platform to tap unlimited business opportunities

with low-cost Internet, a wide range of communication features, personal beauty salon can use the information available to the company in the past can be a tool to collect user information, to find the target groups, mining potential customers. Each beauty salon, you can find their own profit point on the internet.

, Odie market sales department had network application in the beauty salon to do the induction:

(1) to shape the image of beauty salon, enhance the visibility of the company;

(2) to test the new product market response, get immediate feedback; expand the market, so as to communicate with customers;

(3) published on the home page of the beauty salon news trends, as well as a variety of beauty salons to enhance customer service issues

(4) as a sales assistant to provide product details at any time