Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news business website was attacked, the system paralyzed more than 1 months, hackers blackmail 1 million. Network security police combined with more than and 10 public security departments, the police arrested him. Yesterday, the Xiamen police released together with the use of hacking attack sites and commercial implementation case of blackmail and impose exactions on the suspects will be arrested, and. The case is the first case of Fujian Province, the use of hacking techniques for the implementation of fraud DDOS net loan company case.

strange QQ ransomware million

"please join the VIP organization, if not, your company’s website will be closed. Now has four or five joined the organization, they are All is well." September 16th at 11 in the morning, Xiamen, a financial services company staff received a strange message sent to the QQ, the other requires the company to pay $500 thousand before the day of 12. The company ignored this message, to 12 noon, the company’s website is indeed suffering from DDOS traffic attacks and paralysis. The company is losing a lot of money because customers can’t access it. Subsequently, QQ also sent a message to increase the amount of extortion to 1 million yuan, and continued attacks. Our company is doing online lending platform, the other side has been attacked from 9 in the morning to the evening of 10, the business can not do." Company staff said.

September 17th, the company reported to the police. Network security detachment joint Siming Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate.

suspects frequent address

police found in the survey, the highest flow rate of hacking 180G, equivalent to a small and medium city residents at the same time log on to the server’s export traffic. Such a large number of traffic and attack shows that the hacker’s resources and technology, is likely to have a criminal record.

The investigation of

DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack is a worldwide problem, and it is difficult to trace the source of investigation. Most of the massive IP attack DDOS attack software random forgery, the investigation of the work efficiency is very low, the effect is little. IP if the real IP attack traffic, is unable to trace the source of the attack from IP investigations; even to find a "puppet machine", does not rule out the attack of computer control the latent clues have been destroyed or the actual end is located outside.

in the case of Fujian province since the first implementation of fraud on the net loan companies use hacking techniques DDOS attack case, the police had no experience, so this technology to the domestic network security police reported for study.

police from the young, there are criminal records, know how to implement DDOS attacks on the technical staff, narrowing the scope of hackers. At the end of September, the police locked the nickname of "the East" suspects. However, this person has a strong sense of anti reconnaissance, deliberately conceal the identity of the proxy server, but also frequently transform temporary.

downstairs garbage was arrested

based on a detailed analysis of the trajectory of hacker activity and study, eventually locked the suspect "text >