capital has periodically zaduier into a field, the past three months, bicycle rental company to the v-mobile, ofo as the representative of the amount of financing added up to more than 1 billion yuan, the capital of the "shared bicycle" a new business model, the remarkable enthusiasm. However, in view of the problems existing in the process model in the actual operation, and the profit model uncertainty, capital appears to be blind and fanatical and throw the helve after the hatchet.

"shared bike" is not a new thing


strictly a "model" is a business model based on the formation of again mobilized social idle resources and distribution based on the so-called "bike sharing" in fact is not true sharing, bicycle ownership is unique, it belongs to the leasing company rather than social idle resources, sharing is the essence of a bicycle the new bike rental service, but with the mobile Internet this tool to achieve unmanned and self-service rental process.

bike rental service is not something new, from the domestic situation, there is a huge market demand. Because of this, many cities will be a public bicycle as a basic urban transport facilities. China is a big country, but also the world’s largest number of public bicycles, the number of public bicycles in Hangzhou, Taiyuan and Shanghai, respectively, ranked first in the world, second and fourth. However, these public facilities have not been fully used, the market demand has not been met.

the problem is, city public bicycle rental process is often complicated, need to specifically do card points enter into a written contract and pay the deposit, rental and even individual city of residence restrictions, caused many of the wishes of the people from the lease. This situation is precisely based on mobile Internet technology provides an opportunity for bicycle rental companies. "Sharing the bicycle to the popularity of one of the main reasons is that it makes the leasing process more convenient, remove unnecessary intermediate links, and benefit is pervasive in the mobile payment, pay the deposit and pay the cost of renting more convenient.

from the perspective of the size of the user and the rental model, the sharing of bicycles has a huge market space. It is not a new thing, but it brings a new mode of public transport service. I think this is the part of capital.

capital blitz, is good or bad?

is regarded as the typical models of sharing, from the market to the price war between different platforms, then to merge the drops and quick and excellent step Chinese, boost the whole process of capital cannot do without this pair of invisible hands. Now, the capital will hand to share the field of cycling, with some of the search for the next bit of the plot.

large capital injection on the development of an industry is a good thing, but also easy to be misled by industry. In the network about the car market competition, different platforms in order to grab the user occupy the market, a large amount of capital is consumed in the price war, the quality of service.