is now at 8:30 on the morning of April 10th, stationmaster net 100 abstruse cereal SEO contest start time of 32 hours, the Lention SEO team reported on the contest from the third party perspective.

date: April 10th

start time: 32.5 hours

Baidu is currently ranked

(key words: 100 abstruse cereal, at present the index page number: 87)

1, China SEO (

2, 100 abstruse cereal ( BlogName=baiao5)

3, what is the Olympic Valley Campus Network Code? – (

, 4 – Aogu 100 abstruse cereal standing (



100 Aogu

comments: at present there are 4 rows of not participating in Olympic Valley Station before 5 site, contestants are not nervous, at present in the first row is Chinese station SEO news, Penny’s friend –ZHN is purely entertainment; the second is a friend named Li Sajing’s blog, the the site is, this blog is to create external links to resources or other purposes; third: Xiaonei code station webmaster placed a hot word in this page: "what is", to 100 abstruse cereal? Oh, look to enhance the flow of advertising will know what to do, in advertising at the same time, to one of the participating stations: an introduction of transport links; Fourth: the Olympic Valley Station to station 32 hours before the five tribute, only one of the sites, the station is currently estimated in the production In, or a whiteboard page entry information, placed 100 abstruse cereal rules, the number of the chain 8640 (Note: the number of links, but YAHOO) to remind the station, suddenly increase the external links number will adversely affect your site in a short time, I hope the owners pay attention to the number of "degrees" link and the correlation between SEO games and a period of time, must not blind pursuit of short-term effect; fifth: DoNews at the participating blog, on a blog in the simple creation associated with 100 abstruse cereal things, such as cars, pets, and keep this blog ranking, use DoNews update for Oh, very interesting, but the way similar to the satellite rocket last year to participate in the "duhugu" novels, the purpose of this blog is unknown, please on a blog in a statement.