when the traditional library and the fast rhythm of life gradually, updated quickly, responsible for door-to-door delivery of books from library website is quietly rising. Shenzhen green tomato online library will be carried out within two years of the lending business to the country’s 27 cities; rooted in Beijing’s text book lending network last year, just put into operation this year in Jiangsu, the business is also on the line.

aimed at publishing market segments

has been nearly two years on the line of green tomatoes is one of the relatively mature domestic library website. Green tomato has been able to provide free access to 27 cities in the country’s about 1000000 users of Library services. These users only need to pay 110-510 yuan deposit, you can read a certain number of books. Every time there are free to borrow the courier to take home delivery.

why the creation of online libraries, founder of green tomatoes, Shenzhen Green Tomato Culture Media Co., Ltd., vice president Li Juan said that the current people’s fast-paced life, go to the library less time. Shopping can be achieved through the Internet, why not borrow it?

and education background of the origin of the founder of the text book network, Guo Lei, from the field of children’s books to see business opportunities. He found that there are only 3 sources of family access to children’s books, that is, parents buy, library lending, exchange between students. He wanted to provide them with a more affordable, more suitable way to provide them with books, and thought of combining the network.

provides services for enterprises to gain

as a business, how profitable is the library website? Green tomatoes wuliushiwan books procurement, storage and distribution need capital, without a stable profit model, is certainly difficult to continue. The fees charged by the membership fee paid in the logistics costs, and so on. In this case, the two sites are to provide users with library services as an important way to profit.

green tomatoes provide services for enterprises and institutions to establish online entity library. Zhang Lijuan said: green tomato ‘every enterprise Hall’ can provide enterprises with a platform based on IT, including knowledge management platform, as well as the selection of books, services, lending and other specialized outsourcing services, while reducing the cost of business. In addition, will also carry out activities such as reading salon." For the number of cooperative enterprises, Zhang Lijuan said, has reached more than and 400 nearly 500". In addition, green tomatoes also opened a civil service Library in Shenzhen, Nanshan District.

text is the introduction of the enterprise oriented personalized customization services. For a period of one quarter, half a year or one year, the distribution cycle can be selected regularly or irregularly, the number of books also have more than 100-1000 per year, etc.. Site staff will recommend books for customers. Their clients include large companies such as ocean group.

advertising fee increase green tomato yield

and advertisers are another major profit point of green tomatoes. There are 3 kinds of advertisements for Green Tomatoes