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what kind of marketing cost, precision marketing is clearly the first, the core of precision marketing is to watch the needs of the user, and then provide products and services, through the targeted marketing, can achieve a better flow conversion rate, this is better than the kind of precision marketing marketing wide net type A lot, but before the advent of the Internet, it is very difficult to achieve precision marketing, and with the wide application of the community as well as WeChat and other instant messaging tools, the precision marketing has been very good use.

but the real use of these social media and instant messaging tools for precision marketing businesses or not many webmaster, a lot of people on the precision marketing still remain in the target users, improve the marketing content, let users love the goal to provide some materials, then the appropriate increase in the number of ads, so as to enhance the effectiveness of marketing, such as Jimmy Lin in the his micro-blog in appropriate to add a bit of collagen for marketing, but I think that marketing is not able to locate the precise marketing.

what is the precise marketing? This is the first thing that marketers need to understand. For example, now QQ and WeChat as well as a variety of community of users, there is a mood and space and log share some share feelings, while others are sharing their own will be ready for what things, such as a friend on WeChat in the circle of friends made ready to marry this the next month, the precise marketing staff will provide various keywords according to the marriage to marry a variety of products and services to use, the targeted marketing is the so-called precision marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of people say that they know the exact marketing marketing staff did not take advantage of this point.

then the QQ group and circle of friends published advertising is precision marketing? Obviously this idea is not correct, although the above targeted marketing is correct, but the circle of friends or QQ group is often faced with a lot of people, these people may not have the same needs, so when you advertising information in some QQ group or WeChat circle of friends, will lead to criticism, and even let people put you kicked out of the group, because you have to influence other people’s privacy, to kick you out of the group of natural no ground for blame. So even for the circle of friends or QQ group to publish ads, it can not be called precision marketing. But for these groups or circle of friends to understand the user’s personal information, and then targeted marketing based on these personal information, such marketing is called precision marketing.

then to the industry group inside marketing is not accurate marketing? Many marketers believe that some industry groups inside marketing, can quickly help himself to the market, so do the sofa enterprises to the furniture industry group inside marketing, this way seems correct because of all the furniture, well, there is a sofa the business needs, but in fact in the industry group inside marketing is not able to achieve precision marketing, the marketing effect is not high, because everyone is doing furniture, in fact these sand.