introduced in front of the QQ space marketing methods, today mainly introduces QQ mail marketing. In my forum, there is no user to register when QQ e-mail marketing to the forum to import a lot of traffic, after statistics from the user to reach more than half of the message. No doubt there are two benefits: enhance the registered users and guide traffic to promote rankings. E-mail marketing how to do it?

first, the user needs to send content

look at all of the mail marketing, 99% are to promote the user to buy a certain product, or boast that their good. The language not only exaggerated and strange symbols, see it is very minor, some do very delicate mail content, but if I don’t need your product, this email is not helpful to me. What we need to do? We have only one purpose is to enter the user through the mail to our website, do not need to buy the product, I do not say how many cattle forum. I just sent him a very good article, it is estimated that he has a lot of help to raise sheep. Users receive such an e-mail he would not read it? Read it does not click on your link, so that the mail users will not curse you say that advertising.

second, the title has a degree of attraction, concise content

is not all articles users see the title will click, if you are interested in SEO, but also will not be interested in all the contents of SEO. You may be on the rankings, included, right down, K station these words are particularly interested in. So users of the forum is the same, the user will raise the cost of sheep industry, profits, how much money a year, how much money a year, to identify the true and false words are more interested in. So I sent in the mail which is usually concerned with these articles, and specifically about a sheep disease treatment may be one of the few people will use, not encountered this problem or novice basically not to click on the. There is one point that must pay attention to, is your mail in the face of all the novice, who has done a few years since the user or how awesome it is not your users, and so take the time to attract the users in the forum without early development. So what about these users?. The biggest feature of these users is a sense of honor, those who are willing to share you can send him to the forum to do the answer, and then give a certain title, they will be very happy.

third, guide users to click on the link

mail which will often contain 2-3 links for users to choose, my approach is this: first to provide a good article, but not completely finished, the last part I will guide the user to click on the link to view the full text. Or provide a very awesome article, then later in the article to provide 1 related articles and a new reading link, at last I could put a sheep I shot the picture, of course, this picture must be a healthy and good sheep. The click of a message is better than QQ space