recently, a mysterious but very "Warlords" H5, the success of the mass scraper circle of friends. H5 demonstrated a can suppress Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong and other mobile terminal software, and the success of the monopoly of the mass mobile phone APP, the H5 actually have what kind of history and background?

recently, many buddy WeChat friends are a magical H5 Shuabing, H5 shows a Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong can suppress various mobile phone terminal software, and successfully exclusively public mobile phone APP. What is the H5 to do? This APP with what can be removed from the other? This is what the situation? Hello odd


what H5?

plum flowers in the drive evil curiosity, also points to open the H5, then, is below the…










refresh circle of friends?

you see what this situation? "The challenge" of APP in H5 to prove their domineering! But only say it will not do it is useless, let the success of H5 communication is really.

1 Title – suction eye taking advantage of people’s curiosity

said that "curiosity killed the cat", but most people’s time will be curiosity, want to explore the truth, is a common psychological public, it has become the largest rely on the brand marketing.

of the H5, but also the successful use of this point – H5’s title for the XX (here for WeChat, Taobao and other major APP) have been defeated by it!!. Who is the other APP are deleted? This is what the situation… These have become the title of the title when we see this H5, it is these doubts, increasing the probability of the public point of open H5.


2 suspense Marketing – manufacturing suspense, cited conjecture

compared with some time ago the "Wu Yifan army" Shuabing H5, in the end directly illustrates this point to publicity, this time H5 is particularly mysterious — H5, in addition to a people from first to last, are not familiar with the APP icon, and then not to be able to prove this.