Hello, again in A5, the following entry topic, I think the development of the website is a problem every webmaster is concerned, so my remarks here today and we explore the development tendency of a website, what is wrong or the wrong place, welcome everyone to come together to discuss common

progress!Great changes in development of

network in twenty-first Century, in my opinion, with the basic search engine more and more to the human nature of the now popular network, a user experience noun, believes that many webmaster are not unfamiliar. User experience is also a recent search cited cited a way to give weight to the site, I think this is also a good indicator of the future search cited to give the site a good ranking. With the popularity of Internet users to a web site, an important weight ranking scheme for users is a very good decision, of course, this plan will bring a lot of garbage collection station, station of devastating disasters, this again I will not say more. The prevalence of the Internet era, after all, the Internet is the name of the purpose of serving the Internet users and the prevalence of the future development of the site must be closely linked with the user.

here for me to give you an analysis of how to make the user experience in the SEO industry flourished a classic quotation "content is king, the chain for emperor", which refers to the content of the original literature, I believe that early do stand webmaster know Baidu two years before a large number of K station is due to network. For reprint, so that one of the important indicators of original content point to a website is very important is the user experience, on the chain for the emperor I will not explain after all and this paper topic no longer. The user through certain way to view some of the things you want to know, for example, user access is news of the day and into your site, so your site to do drug business, to the user? What is a psychological, affirmation is cheating, then your user experience do is fail, so we must clear the theme and the content of your site, a site specific theme, is also an important factor. A good site content, a clear theme, then your site in the user experience this has done more than half. There is the cleanliness of the page, a neat page, giving users a comfortable way to travel, so did the user experience do well? Of course, this also involves every webmaster income, but in my opinion if the website user experience ready ranking up also worry not to earn money.? Oh, of course, everyone’s different ideas, finally is a quick visit to the site, this space, server problems involved. Everyone can consider to do, of course this is just a personal point of view, there is not good, the insufficient place you out to explore! Good user experience is an important indicator of the future development of the website, website is search led to an important side of the score rate, so I hope everybody will consider, do their own website, make full purse, hehe! Then I speak here today, finally I will summarize the main points.

site’s future development point of view: