November 9th, Henan County Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of spreading pornographic products Feng Yanchao, Party crystal and other 13 people filed a public prosecution, and so on.

in the summer of 2008, Feng Yanchao found "brother" (in 2002 to settle abroad, is now the USA) founder of pornographic websites "Forbidden City" the disadvantageous situation, with "brother", the proposal will be to conduct a comprehensive revision, website integration, "the Forbidden City" revision "M+M Apartman Hotel", thus to improve website popularity, reap illegal profits. "Brother" agreed, Feng Yanchao then contacted the party together to create crystal et al "M+M Apartman Hotel" website.

in January this year, M+M Apartman Hotel officially began operations. The site has developed a membership fee system, will be paid members are divided into permanent members, crystal members, Diamond members, and other four members of the supreme class, enjoy the right to browse all the resources of the site. When forced to close in May 20th, the M+M Apartman Hotel has registered members of the site of nearly 110 thousand people (including hundreds of paid members), the highest amount of daily visits to more than 1.7 people. After identification, the pornographic video posted on the site reached 2512, pornographic pictures of more than 5.8 Zhang, obscene articles of the 2220, audio 329. Within a few months, the site on profit 4.5 yuan.