in the third session of Chinese webmaster General Assembly held this year and the 2007 China webmaster forum, deputy director Chinese Internet association Gao Xinmin said, as of 2006, the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand. He also said that the size of the domestic website is expected to reach 420 thousand in 2009, the number of individual sites accounted for the total number of sites 1/4. From the 2002 large-scale rise of personal websites to the present, in the field of personal web site emerged as part of the success of the typical. But, then again, from the absolute number of website said the real success of the personal website or pathetic. Why many personal websites are not successful? In addition to part of the personal website is out of personal preference, but never thought of making money, there may be a large part of the personal website are hoping to find the hope of making money from the network.

      however, from the current situation of the development of personal web site, follow the trend of many, have their own characteristics less. To understand what others do network can make money, we would herd, web site, such as secretarial station, Download Station etc.. From those who go on the success of personal sites, they have their own innovation, has its own characteristics, summed up in one word, that is, they have a certain brand awareness. At the beginning of their establishment or in the establishment of their own website to know.

      above said so much wordy, I write this means, if you want to have a place in the online world, personal website must have brand awareness. Because in the economic society, the brand is the banner, the brand is the image, the brand is the strength, the brand is wealth. In the vigorous development of the personal website today, personal websites also learn the business "tactics", his own personal website to create a brand.

      brand personal website before you can do the following work:

      first, do a good job in market research. Before construction, many on the Internet "gold", go to IT website about the current situation of the development of the website, and some of the more successful operation of the website (commercial websites, personal websites) research, write research report or research experience.

      two, according to the conclusions of the research report to develop a strong feasibility, constructive site program. If the conditions can be, ask others for advice and suggestions. At the beginning of the planning, to give the site a good positioning. The use of different strategies to avoid positioning, similar to other personal websites or similar; do not deliberately imitate, be creative, homage to long.

      three, on the basis of the feasibility plan to develop a website construction plan, as detailed as possible.