MACD financial network emergency notification

– – – about MACD financial network 1030 incident emergency notice

event profile:

event schedule:

2008.10.30 19:30 suspect forged documents, access to domain name control

2008.10.31 10:00 MACD was informed immediately submitted to the original complaint to the


2008.11.01 19:00 suspects two transfer domain ownership, in order to avoid accountability

2008.11.01 19:00 to modify the domain name, the domain name


MACD suspects forged official documents control by defrauding million net domain name, in November 1, 2008 will be crazy all of MACD’s domain to suspect illegal fraud sites, and that MACD is no longer used the original domain name, the modus operandi is extremely despicable.

MACD has forensics and alarm. In this event, please be deceived by MACD members to provide evidence that you have been deceived, we will cooperate with the public security organs to solve the case as soon as possible. MACD thank you for your support!

MACD financial network official contact: Hotline: 029-81806921 029-81806922 contact QQ number: 89918815 89918816

Event Background:

19:30 on October 30, 2008 by Guangzhou city Mingxiayang suspect counterfeit artificial intelligence limited company business license, fake seal way to cheat the Registrar MACD million net company account and reset the password in the domain name, on Saturday November 1, 2008, MACD’s multiple domain has been illegally modified points to a financial fraud website, the suspect in the fraud website openly that domain is no longer in use, the despicable modus operandi is a shame. See the following screenshot evidence related accessories.

Recent developments in


MACD now has been with the company network forensics alarm, and completely recover through legal means, MACD claimed that the legitimate rights and interests.

incident suspects related information collection:

In view of the

website use deception to trick users into MACD, will now receive complaints channel, collect data on the site after being cheated friends, and together to recover through the relevant channels, claim their legitimate rights and interests.

please all the users who have consulted or even traded in the following website immediately contact MACD website to provide detailed information, including the other party’s telephone, name, address, recording and so on all available information