Beijing time on February 5th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the Us Venture Capital Firm Biltmore Ventures, general manager of the "Wall Street show" (Wallstrip) founder Howard · (Howard Lindzon); Lin Deese Wednesday said in his blog, micro blog website is currently Twitter IPO (hereinafter referred to as "IPO") the right time.

Lin Deze said, whether the profit is not important, is the perfect time to choose Twitter IPO. IPO status quo is: the larger the scale, the more likely to fail, and the current size of Twitter is suitable for IPO.

Lin believes that, for Twitter, the more important thing than profit is the market demand and a clean balance sheet. Facebook IPO in the foreseeable future circumstances, investors should shift to Twitter.

if Twitter continues to accept venture capital, then the future of IPO may be embarrassing. If you choose to be in the current IPO, Twitter will become a flexible listed companies.

IPO because of limited size of Wall Street’s big banks may be unwilling to undertake, but Lin Deze said his new bank "Social Leverage" will undertake Twitter IPO, and at least two years will not sell Twitter stock.