promotion forum is the most difficult, because he wants is not the flow but the user, especially important is often to post active users. Let a person who has never been to your forum like your forum, especially a new forum, can be said to change his internet habits, and change a person’s habits is the most difficult. The Internet has changed people’s habit of getting news, so the Internet is driving the changes of the times. Of course, from the user’s favorites add a web site does not have epoch-making significance, just to show that the Forum promotion difficult.

            Sichuan Internet Forum opened in everyone’s expectations, the establishment of the forum is very easy, then upload download code setup. It’s hard to get a forum alive. So I love to do such a thing, there is an online exchange platform in Sichuan Internet industry really, let China Internet peers have a understanding of the Sichuan Internet window, so that the Internet occupies a space for one person in the country of Sichuan.

            a lot of people say that to do a mature forum for at least two years, then how to promote the initial stage of the forum, DoNews Liu teacher gave me a lot of inspiration.

    1 Sichuan network alliance has a good line, a lot of Sichuan made the Internet a few times before the party has to know each other, and there are several fixed QQ group. First through the QQ group and mail and IM tell you that Sichuan and his network forum, invited all of them to register;

  2 after the first step will increase the amount of registration, but not a lot of post, Chinese people like to read and do not like to write, which is why Web2.0 frustrated in china. So pull a few friends and often urged them to the forum post is very necessary;

  3 moderator of the forum is very important, must be very active in the forum and have some knowledge in related fields, now our forum also very lack of such volunteer moderators, can directly come to me or post who is willing to


  4 a forum for the active actually don’t need a lot of people, especially for Sichuan WebUnion such a regional forum, 10 active members made of high quality post enough, good content will only post slowly to attract more people to register to post


  5; Liu said that the forum style is very important, if not guided, the forum will easily become the water version, although at an early stage but also to prevent water, administrators and moderators should focus on taking care of.

          the alliance has a very good foundation, so I believe this forum Development >