as an ordinary employee, when you join a company, will first consider the "money", "working overtime", "good boss" and so on these small but complete.

but if you join a startup, you may want to consider other issues in addition to all of the above issues to make the final decision.

because startups fast-paced, more tasks, fewer teams, but it will be very interesting to join such a team, it is possible that those who work overtime problem is not necessary. You need to look at a startup from another angle.


is more important than choosing what you need?

do you like the opportunity to share and hone your skills, or do you want to earn a lot of money, or do you have a light job?.

what you want determines the direction you want to go. You have to look at the stage of start-up companies in line with their career development plan.

in general, you want to join a company in order to allow you to make progress in the professional. Will this position help you move closer to your career goals?

everyone has different risk preferences. If you enter a newly established start-up company, you will have a lot of risk, but you also have more opportunities to exercise. If everything goes well, you can grow with the company.

it sounds a bit like gambling, like Facebook COO and Sten Berg said "to go to the home can become a unicorn company (Find a rocket ship)", this is luck in it, but if you can Huiyanshizhu, you earn.

the more time you get into a startup, the less you will be able to influence, but your position will be more specialized. For example, like BAT, you go in after a radish is a pit, each division of labor is different.

this is like water, each one takes what he needs.

your passion


passion is the spiritual pillar of your future work. Imagine, when the company for business expansion or order to catch up, when you have to work overtime, what keeps you in the long night of


is not money, but your love.

startups have just started, it is difficult to say how good business, how high revenue. It is possible that you are facing ugly data, difficult to use products, if you do not like the company’s business you will have the power to do it?

every morning hard from inside the bed up, every night to work overtime late into the night, if you do not love the company’s industry.