36 krypton

editor’s note: in the last year of the capital of the cold winter, and now even the slowest people feel the winter has come to. But this should not only be talked about in a variety of chiefs, the speech was talked about. Over the past year, tens of thousands of start-up companies, as well as a larger number of start-up companies, employees have been forced to experience a life as the theme of layoffs. These experiences deserve to be recorded.

capital has its own cycle, the market will always pick up. But each of the entrepreneurs with the ebb and flow of experience, thinking and painful story, will be in the next longer period of time to be remembered.


/ Yuanjing Zhang Qing editor / Yang Xuan

a, is the number, but also painful

founder Zhang Ying love fresh bee thought that entrepreneurship is with a bunch of brothers with the fastest speed to take cities and seize territory. But now that the war is not yet won, he will ask the brothers to leave.

in May 2016, before the arrival of summer, the hot air has been ahead over the South town. 8 at night, Zhang won a person to stay in the hotel room, open air conditioning, or feeling of suffocation, in order to get rid of wound in the heart of darkness, smoke a pack and a bag, also seems to be of no avail.

he thought for a long time how to talk to a person, ask him to leave. It is a regional manager of fresh bee love, the beginning and a win to push on from door to door, flat-share, be willing to fight, Zhang Ying appreciate the bloody. Zhang Ying remember, and he went to the field to talk about cooperation. On the way back, he was tired, Zhang Ying looked at all feel distressed, shouting to the other side to sit on the rest of the rest, the most difficult way to open the past. Zhang Ying said on the 36 krypton for the man, his feelings and brother ".

Although the regional manager

very hard, but eliminated in the bottom 2, 7, 1 "business, he stays for a long time at the end of the" 1 "position. Only the perfect execution is not enough, in the early start-up companies, directly linked to the speed and the survival of the company, not enough time to learn to let him learn, grow to understand the supply chain, push, regional logistics manager.

talks for four hours, Zhang Ying said, this may be their own life in the life of the longest four hours".

"elder brother, I will not hand over the work," finally, the other said, "I will fight for a good exercise back." A win in my throat. This feeling is really, too hurt."

in the past winter, spring and summer, the pain spread to the hearts of a large number of entrepreneurs. Poaching forshare into the Qashqai, position is not low Xiao Hua as the industry elite, was fired at the end of the trial period before, before leaving, he dug in vice president, ask them to eat a meal "farewell dinner".

"if it is not to have to lay off this juncture, I will never let you go", vice president, full of frustration and guilt, "said only down on the luck. >