yesterday, Wang Ziru and Luo Yonghao on schedule to complete the war, Youku Video due to the wrong estimate bandwidth resource server was paralyzed, the process of war Tucao users constantly. Luo Yonghao and hammer never short Tucao, but that debate from the beginning Yuezhan seems to have decided. Whether the product is good or not, and whether the evaluation is objective or not, it depends on the individual’s argument, logic and contingency ability. Can say, English teacher Luo Yonghao Tailisuo the tongue.


this should be based on the controversy of the product itself, to the final evolution into a single hammer Luo hammer Liu Xiang. Have to say, Wang Ziru and Luo Yonghao two gas field is too much difference, so in the end, Wang Ziru said not a word, want to cry. The "about" itself and hammer phone is good or bad, and whether the Zealer evaluation of professional 10 Fen relations are not. Luo Yonghao’s logic is: you attack hammer phone, is to attack my feelings, which is unacceptable. No feelings, how to sell the hammer price?

in the circle of friends and micro-blog, most people are the king freely an injustice, almost one-sided. Luo Yonghao won the battle of the tongue, but lost the integrity integrity, but this thing, Luo Yonghao is not afraid of. The most important sentence must be "Wang Ziru is not God, and Luo Yonghao is not human". From another perspective, Wang Ziru lost the debate, it is to win the public sympathy.

hammer is selling feelings, but feelings is a selfish thing’s feelings, hammer T1 cliffs sold less than 3000 price, consumers spend money to buy Luo Yonghao is selfish feelings.

Internet brand to feelings or emotional


feelings are selfish, one-way, and the feelings are mutual, can warm each other.

Roseonly more prosperous? Not so much because it’s good to sell flowers, it is better to say that emotional selling. Roseonly played "only love a person, a woman will not pledge this is cheap can wholesale? Send generous, collect satisfaction, back and forth so emotional, set up. At this time, Roseonly is the brand, brand loyalty.


recently burst of red gift brand #BBF is the flagship of the meat, the circle of friends every day in women screaming forward naked male model scraper, but look carefully into the main #BBF, but it is still feeling". #BBF product description consists of a warm story, instead of the various parameters of cold, cold is not a gift for consumers to buy a gift, but the story passed, an emotion.



milk powder and other food industry, or mobile TV, etc.