this time to introduce me to the WeChat case, is from Post Bar lead free traffic, selling DVD video tutorial (video tutorial) case, the first month profit of 2500, when the first second months are big, because speech accidentally deleted the post report. Later, it will no longer be used to paste it, instead of the forum, the first month after the test will be stopped, because only earn 1500+, earn less patience, but also just to verify the idea.

so now I want to publish the method at the time, hoping to bring some ideas inspired.


when I sell is to teach people to love the girl’s DVD tutorial, it is natural to associate with millions of fish ponds are flow [it]. However, did not go in to boast: "come and buy me my tutorial, very good tutorial." Such practices in addition to advertising suspects, it will not be felt that this is really a good thing.

but how did I do that?

1, go online to find some love related articles. Many people have written to catch a girl’s story, then these 10 articles over the move.

2, post, title must be attractive enough. I was writing [I took the story of 100 women], and then began to update the article inside it. 1 daily.

The characteristics of

3, people with visual authentication, so the X treasure to buy Post Bar brush comments, 60 yuan brush 500, after each article update, respectively, brush on 100 comments. Soon, the false reply will bring it back, post will soon become hot.

4, how to make people with WeChat advertising? Leave the micro signal must be unrealistic, it expressly. So for a girl in the front row, Baidu, post (2 floor) replies: "you can ask girls emotional problems? The micro signal? Seeking guidance!", you can automatically reply to her: "WeChat OK~ XXXX"

results show that this method is super good effect (Figure) (WeChat friends screenshot):


of course, there will be a considerable number of people in the post bar with you as a friend, at this time you just stick it in private chat window and talk to them, so that they add you WeChat. Figure (Baidu chat screenshot):




added them all to WeChat,

next you should pay attention to the construction of the circle of friends, according to the rhythm of the 2:1:3 hair. 2 refers to life, 1 refers to the introduction of the tutorial, the 3 refers to feedback. Feedback is especially important, people buy the same thing