there is an old saying: the first-class enterprise sells brand, second rate companies to sell products, the flow of the three companies selling price. The market competition is intense, the product is more and more convergent, the brand construction has been raised to the unprecedented important position by everybody. The same is true of the site, brand building can not be ignored. We have to do is to set up 99 car brand in three years time, talent shows itself from many automotive industry portal.

is like life, bring drinks, we first thought is Coca-Cola, Pepsi, in our network career, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other large portal is in any case can not open around, and chat tools, we use the most is QQ, MSN, doing business on the Internet, our first choice is the Alibaba and Taobao, look back a little, you will find that in almost every field and we can keep in mind for having heard it many times, but then the 32 brands, no wonder an entrepreneur once said: if you can’t do that with the industry before the three, that means. Although a little exaggeration, but it also fully alert us to want to survive in the fierce competition, and gradually grow, no brand is absolutely not.

around 99 car network brand construction, our approach is as follows:

1, in the country, learning the car home, car car, Pacific car and other well-known car portal, a good example, do learners, seekers, but not blindly imitate, save for small Datong, play to their strengths, set up features and highlights 99 car network;

2, within the scope of Shandong Province, and strive to achieve a high starting point, high level, high efficiency of large-scale development, and strive to use a year or so to build the Shandong province automobile network media industry first brand;

3, 99 car opened as soon as the network’s Shandong province 17 city car station (the second preparatory work is nearing completion, Shandong province 17 sites in the city today will be on the line), and the situation, focus on the development of a city market promotion work, and to point line, to achieve the full flowering;

4, established the overall style of the 99 car brand, including the site layout, color collocation, website logos and other content, once determined, will never change, the brand is building up, is in need of more long-term accumulation and precipitation;

The construction of

5, actively planning 99 we love the station to Shandong, and 17 cities in the province of 99 car network station complement each other, achieve "Zhongxingpengyue" synergistic effect at the same time, driven by the 99 car network terminal, greatly enhance the visibility and reputation of the brand 99 car network;

6, accelerate the promotion of 99 car network’s 99 club, in order to increase communication and interaction with the enthusiasm of the 99 car network;

7, with the help of website promotion of traditional media such as newspaper and television, set up 99 car brand;

8, actively carry out various