Baidu do bad electricity supplier, which is not new. The Internet has from the search for promotion, alliance promotion, site navigation, accurate advertising and gold digging plan to enrich the product line of the Internet giant, but can not achieve the transformation of user traffic: Baidu has ah, cool days, Philharmonic live failure, in contrast to its own resources. But this does not seem to stop Baidu cut electricity supplier market determination, but this time they seem to prepare Quxianjiuguo – by PingWest colleagues remind Baidu low-key on-line for a Baidu know what to buy "shopping platform.

electricity supplier shopping guide is the current hot business. Is the only way to turn the Taobao AdSense and Taobao into the data, in 2011 revenue 1 billion 500 million, in 2012 revenue exceeded 3 billion in the year to break through the 5 billion. said, beautiful, love figure purchase and other start-up companies are the products of different forms of this era, but since 2012, Taobao repeatedly modified Taobao customers into the rules, which makes the shopping guide platform living space more and more limited. While Baidu is different, compared to these startups, with a huge flow of Baidu is the electricity supplier website had to rely on the platform PingWest has reported, and Baidu once strained the Alibaba in 2013 began as advertisers, spent hundreds of millions in Baidu keyword advertising purchase.

"Baidu know what to buy" is currently on the Baidu know the sub channel, compared with the traditional shopping guide website with price as the main parameters of the model, Baidu apparently wants to do more — to teach consumers how to choose, and how to choose. For example, when consumers click on the "air purifier" icon, the page is not the first pop products, but Baidu knows "how to choose the air purifier" literacy stick, but the difference is that Baidu through data collection, construct a structured knowledge map, in addition to the rich picture, each a performance will appear according to the characteristics of the brand options description (see below). Consumers after reading a Baidu know, has been able to choose different layers according to the scope of the label to choose their own needs.


the next step into the consumer parameter page specific commodities, Baidu will all contain the commodity data search engine, including attention, the average price from the electronic business platform, each big website comments feedback, these information are of the form displayed on the web page, will eventually be the best self generating comprehensive index three business platform at the bottom of the page. The side of Baidu and even provide a Baidu buy what expert group option, each expert has its ability to circle the scope, the user can click on these similar to know the avatar’s message advice advice. In addition, Baidu know MSN can according to the network news issue launch online poll, the results presented in the form of chart.


besides, Baidu knows what to buy