A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 22nd news, word can send a wonderful mobile IM application "Yo" has received $1 million in financing! On Friday announced that Yo has passed the seed round of financing for a $1 million 500 thousand investment, the valuation of $10 million, Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent investment led. Why such a boring application can attract financing it?

is said that the developer Or Arbel only 8 hours to complete the development of this application. Initially submitted to the App Store, Apple’s official was to have not yet been completed as an excuse to reject Yo shelves. Interestingly, in this year’s April Fool’s day, Yo finally landed on the app store, and has made surprising achievements.

many people think that Yo seems to be the world’s most boring applications. With it, the user can add the address book friends, and then send "Yo" to say hello. No follow-up social, no more information, users can only send Yo". Because of this, the application in the eyes of many simple and rude, very boring, but surprisingly it fire since the April Fool’s Day online, Yo downloads at more than 2 million, the number of users every day to send "Yo" is more than 2 million times.

Yo currently has no friends limit, but Or Arbel said, the main concept of Yo is to allow users to communicate with people every day use this application, there should be no more than 10 friends, otherwise it would be very difficult to find someone. In the future there will be no search function, otherwise we have to join the keyboard, we will not do so, Or Arbel firmly said, can not be complex, a complex die."

during the world cup, some developers are using Yo to cheer for the French team, the team goal, will give fans a Yo; in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Israel’s developers are using Yo to inform residents, the Palestinians have toward the Israeli missile launch, to remind people attention; it was done in a Yo version of FlappyBird. Or Arbel said, "the concept behind is when something happens, you will receive Yo."

people like it or hate it, for their own reasons. Although this one word application potential, but have to say, it is too low the threshold of the product technology. Because of the single function, more and more competitors of Yo.

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