communications world network news (CWW) on January 16th, the network Q & a community know almost a Ali cloud engineer broke the news, 12306 web site has been put into the business of ticket inquiries Ali cloud. The engineer said it had participated in the 12306 spring project, that double 11 more on the business scale challenges, while 12306 in the complexity of the business on the higher.

article describes in detail the use of cloud computing 12306 some technical details. The contents are as follows: part of the deletion:

railway is a huge social engineering, the annual Spring Festival, the equivalent of the national population "rub mahjong circle". In fact, before the internet ticket sales outlets have been implemented for many years. In other words, the railway ticket has actually been a railway across a number of quite large and complex, the information system in support, and can be traced back to the 80 or 90s, still maintain. This system may not only support the ticketing, may also include scheduling and other core business. Then there is a problem: when the Internet Ticketing, whether to reconstruct the original system?

This problem is worth over

. You should know that the cost and risk of a system that has been running for decades has been completely reconstructed, roughly involving a variety of business logic, hardware and software vendors, versions and maintenance protocols, etc..

the vast majority of Internet technology colleagues should tend to do the front end of the existing system, let the system use up, and then focus on the gradual optimization of the technical power of the entire system architecture web. This is the 12306 choice at the time, which led to a lot of historical baggage, but also consider the offline ticketing system.

know a lot of people take the spring ticket and I plant (ALI) – 11, which is regressed? Personal feeling both belong to the same heavyweight website business, 11 more on the business scale challenges, while 12306 in the complexity of the business on the higher.

train tickets with a lot of votes (including Taobao Tmall goods, air tickets, sports venues, tickets, etc.) have different attributes. For example, from Beijing to Guangzhou, along the way there are multiple sites, in theory, passengers can choose to buy a range of intervals, so each to buy a range of votes, may simultaneously split a number of interval tickets. This logic is more complex than most e-commerce systems. If want to add some more humane feature, for example, according to the preferred age booking ID in the lower berth, preferred number, and then query the logic is more complex.

on a back-end, setup a web front-end (including the portal, security, cache and logic, not referring to the web page), the challenge is huge. Because the front end is easy to swell even burst instantly. The concept of "explosion" is not difficult to understand, the peak of the Olympic Games booking, the United States and China submarine optical fiber cable congestion, including Jackson after the death of instant Google paralysis, or DDoS denial of service attacks, are the phenomenon.

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