unfamiliar street 5 anniversary: this year, such as roller coaster

Sina Technology Li

street is probably the most mobile Internet era on the significance of the company, this flagship company of strangers dating history is almost the history of China Mobile Internet hurricane. In unfamiliar street before, few companies can be listed within 3 years of the creation of IPO. After unfamiliar street, this speed has no successor.

founder Tang Yan Mo Mo will be attributed to the grasp of trends, he said the unfamiliar street is a "than to choose" company, implication contains a boost to bring traffic bonus, LBS trend.

however, after the creation of 5 years, the support of unfamiliar street fast forward motivation began to slow – Mobile Internet traffic bonus era will become the past. Unfamiliar Street COO Wang Li said in an interview with sina science and technology, said: even unfamiliar street such companies are beginning to spend money in the flow channel.

the unfamiliar street to Sina founding executives also said that if a few years ago the state always want to "engage in a big action, then it is time to practice the internal strength of the intensive and meticulous farming.

unfamiliar street company founding members, COO Wang force

unfamiliar street fifth years

unfamiliar street this year, the most obvious change is the intuitive stock price. From the beginning of the year to $6 to $24, Unfamiliar Street shares in this year experienced a roller coaster ups and downs.

this year, two things have significant and far-reaching. First, the company will start the video as the next few years to promote the level of strategy, the two is the management of the main buyers group to revoke the privatization offer. From the product and the user as the center, the former for the influence of unfamiliar street has begun to appear.

August 2016, unfamiliar street second quarter earnings, revenue from mobile live up to $57 million 900 thousand, accounting for $99 million in total revenue accounted for more than two or three, and more than the sum of the revenue.

but moving live just one of the representatives of unfamiliar street in the direction of the video. From the beginning of the second half of 2015, unfamiliar street has street by street scene and a short video, in the video, from the strategic level adjustment, April 2016, unfamiliar street in the new version of the update will "live" on the main frame position, founder Tang Yan also took the lead live daily life, with unfamiliar street fire live. Another strategic adjustment in August 2016, in the 7 version, unfamiliar street launched a new feature "moment", this is a short video features a limit in 10 seconds, 10 seconds to let users through the video recording, the expression of the local state.

is responsible for updating the product of unfamiliar street to Sina COO Wang Li said, "the moment" is not only an unfamiliar street in the product, but also reflect the overall strategy of unfamiliar street, visible in the future several years, the video will be an important direction to promote the unfamiliar street.