at the beginning of the year of the ox, the impact of the international financial crisis continues to spread, China’s Internet industry is also facing challenges. However, sponsored by the China Internet association and the Shenzhen Association of Internet technology applications, will be held in May 22nd this year to 24, organized by the "2009 Chinese Internet trade and Investment Fair" (hereinafter referred to as "fair") has issued a "Internet Qi cold resistant · fabric to create brilliant" forte.

China’s Internet industry after 10 years of efforts, and constantly explore new development model, has made rapid development. However, the current financial crisis sweeping the world also makes China’s Internet industry into a "trade reduction, shortage of funds, difficulties in employment," the real dilemma. The net fair to "expand trade, investment promotion, optimization of talent" as the theme, relying on the "Shenzhen trade window, abundant capital, talents’ advantages, large network capacity Expo will create a China largest and highest and most influential, and will bring the transaction amount of 3 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan investment." Your CyberFair Secretary General Zhang Xinliang said that.

build a platform to achieve interconnection power

‘danger’ represents danger, ‘machine’ represents opportunity, ‘crisis’ is’ danger’ with ‘opportunity’. The first is the network will bring new opportunity and new opportunity for Shenzhen network industry." Reporters came to the interview, your CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang bluntly.

in recent years, along with the Tencent, the thunder and a large number of Internet service enterprises and the rise of e-commerce, e-government construction is speeding up, the network information industry has become the city of Shenzhen to achieve economic "industrial upgrading" and create a modern high-end service industry the most promising areas.

but at present, the lack of platform for the network industry in Shenzhen show, leading to the development of the network industry is hampered. This is the crux of the Internet industry in Shenzhen lag behind." Zhang Xinliang believes that this is the problem behind the development of the industry has been ignored. He told reporters: "for example" investment network "has been the Shenzhen enterprise network the new army, but because there is no good platform for display, led to its development has been in a state of silence."

"we are already aware of this problem, so the network will be held is that through such a platform, let Shenzhen network enterprises reached a new height, let the country know Shenzhen has a good network of enterprises."

Zhang Xinliang said that the Chinese Fair will gather all kinds of domestic buyers, bring a lot of business orders for enterprises. It is an excellent platform for Internet related companies to display products, promote products, promote trade. Attendees can first the organizing committee to provide products supply and demand information to enterprise network, the official website will give free online will focus on publicity and promotion and intelligent matching docking, the organizing committee will also organize Hong Kong Macao and foreign purchasing groups, local government and the association of purchasing delegation to participate in the fair trading and order.

three Summit Forum a network feast

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