special rectification notice of illegal information during the Olympic Games

has received notice from the higher authorities on June 15th —8 on the 25 day of the Olympic Games before and after the absence of any special BBS filing of the forum with the industry and commerce registration of the product release stations are closed. As discovered during this period did not close the illegal information network will be deducted server processing. Have done special BBS on the forum and the industrial and commercial registration product release stations are filter " " " " air pistol; " " " Ma gun; shotgun " " " hand dog " " " Ma airgun; " " hunting dog dog; " " bomb " " bomb " illegal information such as related to firearms and ammunition bomb, supervisor will buckle server investigation process.

please GF BBS the webmaster, please record, or face the risk of closure of a www.56yb.cn I am happy to remind the webmaster of the BBS. We wish to record success.