this year, the Lantern Festival, the team also added insurance buy figure. In February 24th, Juhuasuan, Taobao in the life line on the platform of China Union life and Hong Kang Renshou Insurance Products Group purchase really fire a handful.

following the end of last year, Guohua life insurance joint Taobao Juhuasuan first test the insurance group purchase record, Juhuasuan group of billions of dollars in sales records, many insurance companies have the battle group purchase platform, the electricity supplier channels has become the new "insurance sales field".

According to a

in the insurance net sales of senior IT personnel statistics, as of February 25th 17, the cumulative sales of Hong Kang Renshou, China Life Insurance, union life insurance was 10 million 365 thousand yuan, 9 million 128 thousand yuan and 3 million 271 thousand yuan, the total has more than 20 million yuan.

Pinqiang "group purchase" behind

at the end of last year, Guohua life insurance joint Taobao Juhuasuan first test group purchase transactions amounting to billions of dollars of insurance, three days, a Juhuasuan group of billions of dollars in sales record, to become "the first person to eat crab, also made a useful practice for the entire insurance industry into the Internet marketing. This is not only to make the life of China Life tasted the sweetness, but also to other insurance companies to see the opportunity.

insurance companies in the sales platform to buy financial products based. The time interval for group purchase from 15 to 3 years, the expected annual yield of between 2% to 5%. Compared with the bank’s financial products, as low as 500 yuan threshold to meet the needs of the short term micro finance is the advantage of the platform to buy insurance products.

at the same time, compared with the traditional financial and insurance sales model, customers take the initiative to buy network group purchase sales as much as possible tend to simple form, which is more popular language, pictures etc..

this is just a microcosm of the insurance companies to develop electricity supplier channels. For the lack of channel advantages and capital advantages of small and medium enterprises, in order to reduce the intermediate costs and improve product investment yield considerations, electricity supplier channels is undoubtedly a good opportunity".

statistics show that in 2012 the annual insurance industry, including network sales, including sales of new channels, including premium income has exceeded 70 billion yuan. A number of companies said that the network sales business is becoming a new channel for rapid growth in business.

, Tmall, and Jingdong are no insurance company shadow mall. Not long ago, Taikang announced that the Jingdong officially stationed in the mall. Prior to this, sunshine insurance has also been the first to settle down, and the products provided are concentrated in traffic, accidents, tourism and other accident insurance and health insurance products. According to incomplete statistics, the network has been sold nearly 40 insurance companies.

regional regulatory problems to be solved

, the group buying activities and the end of last year, compared to break billion to buy, the magnitude of the difference is relatively large. The main reason is that the platform will be fully pushed this year, taking into account the regulation has no clear attitude, so this year >