2014 micro-blog listed on the first day, the stock rose 19%, the market value of $4 billion, or even higher than before the split parent company sina. But micro-blog has not thought that their market value is Twitter, the originator can more than micro blog of the day at that time, the market value of nearly $30 billion.

in October 17 U.S. stocks intraday trading, micro-blog shares rose to $53.12, the market value of $11 billion 350 million, more than Twitter at the same time the market capitalization of $11 billion 340 million. As of 18 am close, micro-blog’s market capitalization of $11 billion 250 million, and $11 billion 840 million Twitter not much difference between the market value.

in Sina technology news release, micro-blog said proudly, "he is no longer at the beginning of the establishment of the" Twitter imitator ‘, but has become a comprehensive platform similar to Twitter + Instagram + YouTube."

A micro-blog

and Twitter

fell on the upgrade

a few days ago, Bloomberg comparison found that micro-blog market performed well, the market value has been close to Twitter, while the market value of Twitter is all the way down.

share price, micro-blog has opened from the IPO price of $17 per share, up to $52. In contrast, the issue price of Twitter $26, IPO rose 73% on the first day of $26 to close, but now, its stock price for a long time hovering below $20.


corresponds to the market value, the contrast between the two is also very obvious. Twitter the highest market value was approaching $40 billion, but since March 2014, the market value of Twitter plunged in a way. In particular, Google Disney and Salesforce Twitter have to abandon the acquisition plan recently, the share price and market capitalization but also suffered a setback. Today, the market value of Twitter has been higher than the highest evaporation 2/3.


user growth, Twitter is far from micro-blog strong. In June this year, micro-blog monthly active users reached 282 million, representing a growth of 33%; in contrast, Twitter in the second quarter of the monthly average number of active users to 313 million, an increase of only 3%, among them, the average monthly number of active users to 66 million, an increase of only 1%.