and other hit series "startling step by step for the network copyright, so many video sites aimed at the opportunity to completely abandon the original drama that is" big hits "idea. "Escape", "lost" has hit the Internet TV hits the peak, when shopping video sites have American copyright, but then as the "travel series" will be the domestic audience’s taste into the "retro circle", "genuine situation into an embarrassing situation," click rate has dropped a lot, actually not many domestic drama 10%.

but the recent major video sites began to panic buying TV, bought "crime psychology and the seventh season of" Desperate Housewives "in season eighth, and ranked the forefront of the new ABC drama theme drama" new drama "pay off old scores, the domestic video website first zero audience based bold purchase. The reporter learned from the internal, this is actually a strategy, because although the hit American decline, but business is not diminished, copyright fees compared to domestic drama has soared to millions of American high price, and is pursued by advertisers.

cheap and cost-effective


just finished the "startling step by step" once again let the domestic drama ratings entered the peak, chongshangyunxiao hits "". Once the video site is viewing the "big" drama, it was completely down. The reporter noted in Tudou, shortly before the oversowing seventh season of "criminal minds" hits only exclusive network distribution Spy Drama "thorn" off about 10% now than just red "" startling step by step, click rate is much worse.

why good reputation, well made drama in the domestic audience is so bad? People responsible for reporters secret on TV, TV viewing is actually flat at the beginning of the introduction to estimate, "the introduction of American TV is largely rich web content, attract a small part of the high-end audience." In fact, this is not the main reason, the key lies in the high cost of tv. At present, domestic prices are rising faster than the mainland drama actor’s paycheck also rapidly, the video site competition series, causes the price from tens of thousands to millions, even now, is not necessarily rush to get hit heavily. By contrast, American TV copyright fee is always maintained at a basic level, did not rise too. responsible person said: "the American copyright suppliers have relatively informal mode of operation, not amid the outcry, a few quarters to buy together, there will be bundled price."

subtitle translation is no longer a free lunch

: hot and cold actually affects another industry — subtitle translation group. Earlier, the subtitle is purely a hobby, but with genuine drama subtitles group also began, for their own selfish interests. Recently, a famous "released by the caption group everyone in the film" the accused a video website statement, caused a lot of fans attention, the statement pointed out that the video site "without the consent of all subtitle group, in the case without the knowledge of the original subtitle translation unauthorized use of this group published." the super >