today it is customary to open the Admin5, the first screen appeared a lot of new articles, see article, is to look at the title, a heart, will look into the points of most concern, is SEO and the flow, and how to make money, so now is a lot of stationmaster net this article.

      looking at it, I saw a lot of things like: "start from scratch to do 10 thousand IP", "how do I do with 50 thousand IP per day," the title of this article, you say a little bit? Sure to check in! Click in, what do you see? It’s a bunch of garbage, and sometimes I don’t know what these people are trying to say, say it! Experience it, I did not write the material, how to do? An article with a few hundred words, 3~4 web site, see the brightly coloured, it is soft?

      soft, soft to the character, writing, at least to the point of good things out, the whole Party’s title, the essence in a title, although now advocate the eyeball economy, but the eye after some commendable place, if only the title of the color, and the content of Nothing is right., that is not fool people?

      soft wen I personally do not mind, and now which industry does not have soft Wen? Computer newspaper, a look, all is soft, we have to buy it, TV, title sponsor of the game can not be denied because the soft, meet the eye everywhere, online articles, not because the soft look down on people, feel like an article with a link is wrong, so I’m not against the soft.

      but the title of the party is really boring, the title is a color, the content did not know what to say? The experience of your ten thousand IP article, the results point to go, is a webmaster to do the station account, and see the last, do not know how he came to IP ten thousand. What is more, will be a few articles grafting paste, together into an article, called their own, but also bring a few site links, a QQ, a QQ group number, what to do? Edit the site is not correct.

      appreciate the soft Wen, because it is a way of publicity, against the title of the party, because it is a lie, in fact, the soft and the title of the party there is only one difference is the content! Well, the original novel is good, soft, content is not good, is entirely in order to soft and soft, but also a xuanhu its mysterious title, is the title of the party.

      know why a lot of people don’t like soft Wen is not, because the title party too much, if everyone seriously to write articles, share experience, by the way with 1~2n