record the experience of the transaction site analysis of the psychological

recent website trading experience let me want to share with you webmaster, in order to avoid the loss of future transactions should be due. I still stick to my point of view, personal webmaster is not easy, but also very talented, please respect the personal achievements of the work of the station.

do stand to do with vitality website

what is the vitality of the site, which I have to say what is the vitality of the site, I think life is the source of power, is to promote the fundamental development of the site better. Specific to the form, that is, how to better attract users, improve traffic, bring profit, which is from the user’s browsing needs and how to meet this demand to study. Those from these fundamental things, and to talk about website content, the form of the surface is empty talk.

does not rely on search engines or we go further

Maybe you want to learn

, and believe that it is easier to succeed, because you believe that the network is more than that of knowledge, but you thought not, although the network is more than this knowledge, but in real school, and not fooled people a few, you may choose the lost one, eventually standing still, a waste of time and a waste of energy. So, what I want to say is that a specific period of time to use a specific method.

real business experience two: crowded bus service TOYOTA


this venture is a network marketing, because the target customers are companies, it must operate in the company’s way. Before lobbying, but because most of my friends is the liberal arts graduate, and conservative, lead to little effect, many people are willing to invest but not willing to contribute, so there is no way, and finally chose a college roommate. His work is very good, you can provide me with a stable financial support, so I did not hurry to pull him in, but let him stake, then let him participate in the actual work. Re start, in fact, only one person. Hard on the scalp, and make some achievements to continue lobbying, the effect may be better.

Hao123 bottlenecks encountered site navigation into the 2 era

in the Web1.0 era, the address bar of the economy, mainly on the site navigation. Due to the Internet 1 era, the Internet is not wide knowledge, strong dependence on the Internet, so Hao123 and the first batch of Web site navigation site came into being, such as. The pursuit of traffic is the mainstream of the era of Web1.0, Hao123 and 265 integrated this demand, so that most of the Internet little knowledge of the Internet users, can quickly enter the information superhighway. It is precisely because of the lack of knowledge of users, the formation of the habit of consumption, the site navigation has become the entrance of tens of millions of Internet surfers. It can be said that Internet users habits, achievements of Hao123 and 265.