recently, where customers caught in arrears door". As the largest apparel vertical, VANCL has been blasting the default supplier accounts, some brands of up to tens of millions.

where the old president responded that the problem of arrears by the interior modulation caused by, also announced that all passengers return to the line of the brand. We think one after another strategic swing, overstock and massive layoffs, many business experts pointed out that "where a dilemma" is not accidental, but also non isolated cases, since 2012, the domestic electricity supplier vertical enters 2013 is winter survival, facing death, how to break, find a good self positioning is the key.

vertical electricity supplier situation worrying

and Tmall platforms such as electricity providers, vertical electricity supplier focused on a particular industry or market segments, known as the electricity business in the store". Only a short while ago, as a pioneer in the domestic Internet clothing brand, where the customer has written vertical business survival myth. In recent years, the electricity supplier price war staged environment amidst the winds of change. Insiders pointed out that, compared with the platform electricity supplier, vertical electricity supplier price competition is more fierce, the same category of vertical electric product homogeneity is very serious, and by limiting the size of inventory, can only rely on "more than the price to compete for sales.

is eager to expand the scale of the guest in the 2011 sales target has been increased from 6 billion to 10 billion. In the view of business expert Li Chengdong, where the "kidnapped" capital, frantically expanding category, inventory, sales did not keep up, leading stocks surge, forced low-cost sale, seriously hurt the brand, directly led to the loss of 600 million yuan at the end of the year, sprint IPO failed. IResearch released 2012 Chinese B 2C online retailers turnover rankings, where the 4 billion 500 million ranked tenth, a growth rate of 28.6%, far lower than the average growth of the top ten electricity rate higher than 100%.

as the industry benchmark, where the situation is representative. In 2012 the retail industry downturn, investment capital chain, a large number of vertical electricity supplier performance plummeted, or acquisition, or direct collapse. Vertical electricity supplier by the "pet" becomes a "foundling".

do brand or do platform?

industry insiders believe that "where a dilemma" representation is the turnover of the fund, the crux of the problem is unclear. Following the 2012 strong sale to clear inventory, we expand the category from selling shirts to do platform, this year is the introduction of third party brand, opened the "hypermarket" mode, and recently announced the return to the line of the brand. In the brand and kept switching platform, where the positioning has become increasingly blurred, make people wonder where customers do what products or channels.

good music to buy President Li Shubin bluntly, a lot of vertical electricity supplier is not ideal to do vertical, want to cut the vertical electricity supplier bigger and full platform, which also has many examples of success. For example, the 3C vertical electricity supplier started Jingdong just a few years to develop into a gangster platform provider.

but where the customer is wrong drift