relevant information reporting requirements for authenticity and standard have been released in 10, according to the provisions of article fifth of the second organizers of the nature of non national units shall not be named after China website, etc. ".

this also means that China has a large number of sites such as YAHOO has been suspected of violation! The following is the full text of the announcement:

according to the "non operating Internet information service record management procedures" (Ministry of information industry leader No. thirty-third) the provisions of article seventh: to be engaged in non operational Internet information services, should be through the Ministry of information industry for the record management system to fill out the "non operating Internet information service registration form". But in the daily record information audit process, found that many web site owners to fill or access service on behalf of the record information reporting is not true and there are a lot of problems. In order to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the record information, it is now clear that the relevant requirements of the filing information. For those who do not meet the following requirements of the record information, the telecommunications sector will not be filing.

first, the general principles of

(1) the information contained in the record may not contain "Internet information service management approach," Fifteenth of the nine laws and regulations are not allowed to prohibit content;

(two) the form of the record information is complete, fill in the standard, the content is true and accurate;

The logical relationship between

(three) filing information items should be reasonable;

(four) pre-approval project should have the appropriate approval of the relevant Internet management department confirmed;

(five) special approval items (such as electronic bulletin service) should submit a written application materials

two, specific standards

(1): name of sponsor form should fill out the site sponsor name such as personal integrity, should fill in the personal name, the enterprise shall fill in the business license of the registered company name.

content should be true and accurate, not by domain name or digital symbols or in the name of the web site information to replace the site sponsor information.

(two) the nature of the sponsor unit: should be consistent with the name of the organizers and other information, such as the name of the host company, then the nature of the organizers should be.

(three): the number of valid documents the organizer should comply with the relevant requirements and information format, and sponsored by the nature (enterprises and institutions, government agencies, military, social groups and individuals etc.) correspond to the same. If the nature of the organization as an enterprise, should not fill in the military code or personal identification number and other non industrial and commercial business license number or non organization code certificate number.

(four): investors or the higher authorities should be consistent with the information site sponsor nature, such as the organizer properties for government agencies, the higher authorities not for personal.

(five) website name: should be consistent with the pre approval or special approval of the acquisition, no news, publishing, education, health, drug administration, culture >