was founded ten years, has always been low-key in the same way was pushed in the teeth of the storm.

February 2014, the same way the Tencent announced to get 500 million investment in March reached a strategic cooperation with elong in 37 days later announced the "break up", and accept the Ctrip $200 million cash shares, carry out tickets, hotel and other business docking.

in the same way as far as Suzhou, guarding the ticket business quietly bigger, after Liang Jianzhang’s return, Wu Zhixiang said, everyone’s good days are over, and Ctrip launched a fierce price war. Choose cooperation with elong, but also in order to jointly fight ctrip.

compared with the strong Ctrip, the same way network this war difficult exception. At the beginning of the price war, Ctrip CEO Liang Jianzhang said: "the war will be over half a year, and the use of various means. And now it seems, he did not do so.

with the way network CEO Wu Zhixiang I horse said, the whole process they look but strategizing is in fact more accidentally.

following the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang oral:

really can not think of what we have the opportunity to challenge Ctrip

what kind of team is the same way? We are a very grassroots, but also do not believe in miracles and lucky team, only believe that every day from eight to the early morning of the evening of the hard work. I told all my colleagues that you do not talk to me about the model, I do not know a lot, I just want to see you half past eight in the company, at half past eight in the evening to go back, you tell me what I believe. That’s how we got here.

first with the mode we are very clear that from the Alibaba came out, we made electronic name card P2P, and to achieve the ultimate, and when we 2008 transition to B2C, with no bright colours to make you feel like you have no background. At that time, I came back with another partner from China after the return of China, many investors are very optimistic about us, but when it comes to valuation, when it comes to the future development of the company, we feel that we do not have any imagination.

we were talking about the model is a hotel reservation, but really can not think of what we have the opportunity to challenge Ctrip, Ctrip (20) for the past 08 years to do about $one billion in revenue, so no one optimistic about us. At that time our investors happy than we are anxious, he chatted with us for more than half a year, and finally in 08 years (20) April we voted a sum of money, 15 million.

first round of investment is really very important to the company. In the first round of investment, in fact, the valuation is not particularly important, can help you find a investor is important, and I think the money earlier than the money value of the night. Because in the middle of a large number of enterprises can get the money, which means that you can run faster than others. At that time 15 million accounted for 20 percent of our shares, but in retrospect today, I do not think that there is no way the same as the 15 million.