in May 12th, was originally a holiday, nurses day, 1912, the world hospitals and nursing schools in Nightingale’s birthday in May 12th for the international nurses day, which became a common festival of nurses; 08 year nurses day into a busy day to let the nurse China, also China disaster day. In the next 10 days, people from all walks of life have been put into the ranks of the disaster relief, they use a variety of ways dedicated love. From May 19th to 21 were given to the national crisis, 520 and 521 is a homonym is "I love you" and "I love you", and the 519 is the link "I will always love you (for) (you)".

national mourning days, the Internet sites are replaced by black, although this effect can only achieve gray with a line of code, including hundreds of thousands of network practitioners to the disaster areas condolences, condolences to the victims.

of course, this is not all harmony.

Liaoning female video

on the morning of 21, many users have to see about the "Liaoning women" video, in this period of up to 4 minutes and 40 seconds in the video, the 87 year girl who foot sitting in cafes in front of the computer, irony and abuse of earthquake victims. During the national day of mourning, the network game operators shut the game platform, she can not play audition, TV in the earthquake news, all sites have no color to let her heart up discontent in the video, she even viciously cursed the people in the disaster areas.

this video to let all Internet users have joined the search filled with righteous indignation, team, only a few hours, the woman’s identity and address, the Internet address details are exposed on the Internet, more than 5 points to 21 in the afternoon, the woman has been arrested in Shenyang city police.

some people think that she is not guilty, because she has the right to speak; someone gave her a nickname "idiotic", it is suggested that Liaoning Province, Ji China dismissed her even the earth Ji, she is not fit to exist on this planet. Her video hangs on the YouTube for a whole day, leaving the Chinese face clean.

how much should we donate

another class of accusations from the voices of corporate donations questioned, such as Alibaba and vanke.

Six company Alibaba

group of 2 million, many users believe that the less tax, 2 million divided by six is not much, and some of the media will be 1 yuan donation 06 years Ma hype, more users dissatisfied.

Vanke chairman Wang Shi speech, said in a blog on " Vanke tips group charity fundraiser: every donation, donations of ordinary employees shall not exceed 10 yuan, its meaning is not to let charity be a burden of " later, he felt that the 2 million is enough. His words, there are users that Vanke 8.2 earthquake began.

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