is in this year, as everyone knows, the "double eleven" battle of the network to earn pours: Ali single day turnover staggering 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which Tmall single day turnover of 13 billion 200 million yuan, 5 billion 900 million yuan Taobao. However, who can guess, the electricity supplier double eleven war and the insurance industry what intersection?

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that Ali behind the 19 billion 100 million yuan huge transactions, hides a huge Hero: "double eleven day, return shipping insurance (hereinafter referred to as the return of insurance) turnover reached 30 million pen. If the calculation of some of their own retirement insurance, the volume of the insurance products reached the 50 million tongue of the tongue!

"this is definitely the best ever sold an insurance product!" in this regard, some insurance companies actuaries Mr. Chen sigh, now the insurance industry is calling for innovation, but it can really be accepted by consumers for frozen food products may be numbered, appear freight insurance captures the network the pulse of the times, although there is also some controversy, but has shown vitality insurance net.

day insured amount of 50 million pen

"double eleven shopping Carnival Festival" has just ended, the final data in November 12th Alipay announced that Alipay of the total turnover reached 1 million in 5 million 800 thousand, is 3.14 times last year’s peak, the wireless payment of nearly 9 million pen, was a record. In the shopping spree, many consumers have noticed, in the time of payment, returned insurance will automatically be presented, this is because in June this year, Tmall announced plans to invest 100 million yuan to buy the return shipping insurance for consumers.

there is no doubt that this is a story of mutual success! consumer business unit director Yu taught to insurance told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, in the "double eleven" that day returned insurance has more than 30 million pen, if you count the Ali to engage in activities giving some returned insurance, the insured amount of insurance shipped back to 50 million pen. Yu taught to admit that this is a collision between Taobao and Huatai Insurance sparks of thought, its operation is mainly done through the system, which is a product innovation.

it is understood that the earliest of the introduction of the insurance back in 2010, the full name of the return shipping insurance, was only available to the seller. How much is the premium paid by the seller to determine the rate of return in the first 3 months. If the return rate of 0.5% in the following premium of $0.1, the return rate of 0.5%~1% premium of $0.2, and so on. Later freight insurance gradually involving buyers, consumers in the purchase payment can click to buy shipping insurance premium payment amount at the same time, according to the 5% charge, the maximum investment 1.25 yuan for the amount of 25 yuan. The amount of these payments, users can compensate for the loss caused by the return of freight.

Yu taught to introduce, the insurance is mainly divided into buyers and sellers insurance two