renamed China ( February 10th hearing, if the discharge spots in pinyin domain, then a relatively simple and more abundant meaning of single domain spell definitely sit tight in the top spot, and part of the value of not only spell COM domain name less than 2 numbers and 2 letters COM domain name, and some even better. The day before, "the station education" a large amount of money to buy and enable the "station" to fight a single domain message, once again to fight a single domain name on the headlines, now we have to fight under the charm of domain name onlookers.

single spell domain is much charm? Except for rice farmers, to fight a single domain name has short, broad scope, establishment is bigger, the application value is not small. As for the terminal, single spell advantage allows the user an easy job to do simple domain have in mind, and to facilitate the spelling input in the address bar, so that enterprises in the promotion of the brand has played a powerful role in promoting. Such a great value of the phonetic domain, how can we not make it for growers and terminal "dumping".


and when it comes to the end of the single spelling domain name, you have to mention in the last year to $3 million 600 thousand, about $22 million 440 thousand to buy a high price of single spelling domain millet company. You know, when the millet company has not only enabled brand Shuangpin domain name, also protect other mainstream In the use and protection of the brand domain name, millet company has done very well, do not necessarily have to buy rice single fight domain name


figure: millet

but why millet company still choose to spend $3 million 600 thousand to buy a single spell Millet company believes that compared with Larry, only two letters spell domain name is more short, more international, more suitable for an enterprise to the international development. After all, whether it is domestic or foreign consumers, the domain name is easy to remember the spelling, while the meaning of rice and millet this brand fit. In addition to, millet also protect and mi. china".

room of the world

in the same year in single domain and fight Soufangwang, the heavily acquisition and enabled the "real" single spell domain name, a high-profile renamed "real world", and at the same time to spend 750 thousand yuan to protect As we all know, SouFun although growing, but it was repeatedly dragged back to the cottage site. The official domain name meaning is good, but after just a homonym, rather than brand Shuangpin, users will inevitably correctly. It is also being used by people, SouFun has worked with a similarly named Soufangwang, but the domain name is so>