1 exchange links, complementary advantages

exchange link is a common network marketing model, it is characterized by simple, easy to operate. Widely used in website construction, promotion, etc.. Exchange links between websites is a simple way of cooperation, the specific operation is to set up each other on their website hyperlink. That is, through a web site, you can browse the information of another website. This simple network marketing mode, the most direct role of specific performance in the following aspects: enhance the user’s impression, get traffic, increase site search engine ranking feasible degree, promotion website, get peer recognition.

2, the rise of online advertising

The role of

advertising is the most direct, in this society, you do not want to sell the product advertising is certainly difficult. In brand promotion, the role of advertising is obvious. For network marketing activities, but also so. Previously, the standard logo advertising is the mainstream of online advertising. But with the development of the Internet, in 2001, in the field of online advertising has a network of advertising innovation activities, many new advertising model, the emergence of. The emergence of novel advertising, advertisers to bring a new platform for information bearing, attention and high natural benefits.

3, release information

information release is the most basic function of network marketing, but also one of the most simple and practical means of operation. People used to browse the Internet, so the release of information is also very important. The enterprise valuable information to the website, let people fully understand.

4 open E-mail marketing

facts have proved that, compared with the traditional way to promote Email marketing or unlicensed E-mail marketing, has obvious advantages. It has the advantage of specific performance in the advertisement to the user can reduce the nuisance, accurately locate potential customers, and customers closer relations and enhance brand awareness. But the primary condition for developing E-mail marketing is to know the E-mail address of the potential user, which can be collected from the user’s data.

5 mailing list:

mailing list and E-mail marketing some of the same in common, is based on the principle of user permission, but also a marketing model. In this way, users can voluntarily decide to join or exit. Both for certain difference is E-mail marketing directly to the user to send promotional information, but the mailing list is to provide valuable information for the user, and then mail with a little promotional information, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. About the value of mailing lists, we can go to the show from four aspects, and better user direct communication, advertising space is a company’s very convenient promotion, it is better to be used, a part of information service.

6 personalized marketing services, focus on customer needs

in today’s marketing means