Luo hammer mobile phone is sold out feelings, Liu zuohu high-profile million reward to find the "buffalo", from the beginning of the four years ago, mobile phone manufacturers brand marketing by obscure and gradually open, with the help of the Internet this amazing species, mobile phone manufacturers have launched what war? What are these activities for which

is that bad?

after the July conference gathered, intelligent mobile phone market in August is still not calm, he once again thrown hammer mobile phone is selling the feelings of the topic, Liu Zuohu is also a high-profile million reward to find the "buffalo", and propaganda education staff at micro-blog lei. And all of these are pointing to the wind of the asymptotic small hammer and has been unveiled in front of a plus second generations of mobile phones.

started from four years ago, mobile phone manufacturers brand marketing will be gradually obscure and open, with the help of this amazing tool in the Internet, the marketing operation is more into it. Here we see the various marketing case, even feel disgusting. For active in social marketing in the first line of the mobile phone manufacturers in terms of, we will look for those classic Ming and bad.

fans marketing: false false true true


fans economy may be the mobile phone manufacturers first "open and aboveboard" marketing tricks. From the beginning Lei Jun, countless made machine wearing jeans and a black T-shirt came up before the impact from mobile phone brand rendering to intelligent hardware now is almost a sign of entrepreneurs new conference. Four years later, the mobile phone manufacturers are proud of the fans but still can only use false false false true true to summarize.

said that the first "true" side, from Rice noodles to the pollen to the charm of friends, a group of similar to the "powder" group appeared on the Internet, can exchange the online community, there are regular gathering line. Even don’t look down to earth HTC, also the "Changfen building" like a raging fire "". Of course, the energy efficiency of fans also got the maximum extent of the display, such as almost all Internet brand mobile phone in the first time in a very short period of time was sold out, when the millet Note and one plus mobile phone line starters, if appear like fruit powder lined up long team panic buying iPhone.

but at the same time, I saw the fake side. I have played for a number of mobile phone manufacturers in the community of fans, the fancier has just appeared in the era of community house technology exchange of heaven, and when the mobile phone become a popular brand, the community appears mostly Tucao and discredit. I have participated in many OPPO fans gathering line, but is more than and 10 people together, where the idle away in seeking pleasure only, brand identity? We have to question the mobile phone manufacturers is how to define groups of fans, don’t say I bought a black toothpaste they became a fan of


from now on, the so-called fan marketing is actually very simple, few manufacturers have announced a number of specific fans, in addition to HUAWEI, millet and other fans in the accumulation of some