with the development of the Internet, using the Internet to enterprise marketing is already seen strange things, the data show that every day there are a lot of traditional enterprises to enter the Internet business on the Internet, the construction of enterprise website, product, brand, image, speculation third party website promotion enterprise, this is to do business daily work. However, for enterprises not only effectively improve product sales rate, can also be the brand of the enterprise to improve exposure rate, so that the benefits of a small and medium enterprises are eager to get, but companies also know as long as the master of all kinds of promotion methods can dominate the internet.

believes that the mention of "book" a webmaster asked, e-book is not we usually see novel e-books? In fact, I said this e-book with novel ebook is the same in nature, but this book is for the promotion of enterprises. The author in the promotion process found that some enterprises are using ebook promotion for enterprise product promotion, brand or speculation, and these companies have done the ebook promotion very successful, so I have to learn about the promotion of e-books, the author thinks that the small and medium enterprises or not know the promotion methods of enterprises, enterprises can be carried out the publicity, promotion and other activities with the form and means of e-books. The benefits of electronic books can be achieved for enterprises to promote precision, applicability wide, stronger than the vitality of the soft, leaving the network can spread, simple and low cost. So, today, I combine with the examples to share with you about the promotion of e-books.

first look at how the enterprise to make e-books

a, determine the theme

first, determine the theme. The premise of e-books is to determine the theme, the theme is generally according to the target user to determine, in fact this is well understood, the author thinks that if the enterprise’s target user is the webmaster, it should make some of the station, SEO, promotion and other types of books, it is welcome of webmaster, I usually love to go to 51CTO and download some types of e-books on IT.

two, determine the content of

secondly, determine the content. E-book content is the most important, first for the title, the title can be eye-catching and attractive some, such as "book", "XX XX cheats" etc.. Again, in general the e-book content is set is the best with the knowledge and experience of sharing articles, now some people are not like this book? Give you knowledge give you experience or case type articles, the author believes that this type of content is one of the most love users the contents of.

For example: the

enterprise website is that the author can diagnose, named "30 days let enterprise right down the site fast recovery", if the enterprise is the weight of the product, can be called "a week fast lose 20 pounds", in short to the theme for striking can, in addition is >