hammer mobile phone you will not be unfamiliar, since not already available from many layout products really had enough attention, and the author’s own once would like to have a department, but the result? Waiting for so long, the result is due to the capacity and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and even led to quality problems a network of public opinion battle. Can be said that mobile phone hammer did not win the market as originally envisaged, Luo marketing did not really realize the vision of the counter attack, but there is a tail dejected escape feeling. So, what is the reason for the marketing of the hammer phone has not been a real success?

first, we all know that marketing Luo began to imitate millet lei. But, indeed Luo also used their own topic to win the public’s attention, but he did not come out to imitate the shadow of others has become a shadow of the man is often difficult to really get out of a road with our own characteristics. Of course, combined with their own teaching experience in the New Oriental and personal charm, Luo won certain popularity. But, after all, the industry specializing in surgery, mobile phone marketing and English teaching has certain differences, and market situation changes, can not with their enthusiasm to do more sustainable promotion. It can be said that the network marketing is a risk and opportunity coexist, especially the public opinion hot spots, if used improperly is likely to fall into the abyss of public opinion. So, how about the manufacturing and how to guide public opinion public opinion really requires great skill. In particular, improper opinion caused social public opinion on the war of words. In an era of freedom of expression, the Internet is a direct expression of public opinion. In this process, a different focus, is likely to trigger a public opinion of the reign of terror. Luo in this process is very difficult to control, especially excessive force, and then lose the wife of another soldier.

second, Luo wants to play hunger marketing role, but how to control this is a need to think deeply. Lei Jun millet can be said to have done a hunger marketing, but the skill is definitely not outsiders one or two days can be learned. Luo hunger marketing have a feeling that the public uproar curry favour by claptrap, not only may charge, is also very likely to fall from grace. In general, hunger marketing is to fill some aspects of the phone, but can not completely fill all the deficiencies. Moreover, hunger marketing millet is occupied most of the "love Chinese grass root fancier", and the old Luo Ze in the opposite direction, to the high-end atmosphere on the grade in the world and gallop, it may seem small talk. High grade on the atmosphere, the need to use quality assurance, performance assured mobile phone as a support.

and It is as expected, the quality and performance of products is the hard truth true. The gift of the gab is important, but the product is the most important guarantee. Luo said very attractive, but the product is not consistent, which leads to the early accumulation of trust and preference of a sudden collapse. Especially, in today’s era, the competition is fierce, if you are