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(on-demand) service provider Handy has just announced a $50 million C+ round of financing, by Fidelity Management and Research Company lead investor, the previous investor TPG Ventures, General, Catalyst, Highland Capital and Revolution Growth also with the vote. As of now, the amount of financing Handy disclosed has reached $110 million, reportedly valued at about $500 million, the company said this round of financing will continue to expand the market, consolidate the Anglo American domestic leader in the field of position.

we used to Handy than the writers of the political Uber, business model is the appointment of home cleaning, maintenance and other needs docking to those qualified professional home service staff, and to extract a certain commission. The company was founded in 2012, with a number of like Exec (Handy has been acquired), Homejoy, the same kind of competing products in the competition, Handy is one of the few still live a strong family. But as we all know, the domestic O2O originator Homejoy failed formally in July this year, the main reason is the subject of "the influence of prosecution classified as contractors rather than employees cleaners", and no money to finance leads to the lack of cash flow, the analysis can be more about it here.

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currently Handy business has covered the United Kingdom and the United States, Canada and other places, the company CEO Hanrahan said that in June the total single volume has reached 1 million, of which 80% are from the repeated use of Handy service users, and 50% of users are from the recommendation of a friend. The 10 thousand independent home service workers on the platform can handle up to 100 thousand orders per month, with less than 80% hours of work per week by less than 10 hours of cleaners and artisans. However, similar to the Homejoy, Handy has been the prosecution did not pay for the cleaners due remuneration, causing controversy. In addition, Handy had previously appeared orders can not be canceled, Hanrahan said it has been resolved.

in addition to continue to expand the market, Handy also dug up the head of the data before the Birchbox science Ben Kelly, in order to improve the efficiency of service supply and demand matching to do fine management. In addition, the company’s founder Hanrahan also said it would launch more home services.

now, Handy’s main competitors should be the incubation of the company’s domestic service products, such as Amazon Home Services>