received XXX users a day what virus please forwarding information, Gu Baiyou was writing articles, after the netizen said "RI", suddenly flashes. One of the information to replace the text of the valley gifted rice, the specific content:

urgent notice: please be quick! If you receive a picture file with the "Valley excellent rice.Jpg", do not open it under any circumstances, and delete it immediately. If you open it, you’ll lose everything on your PC. This is a new virus developed by, is said to be through the reduction system including the shadow system, the Network Security Council has recognized the danger of it, and because of its use of the new technology is the virus, so now most of the antivirus software can not clear it. His goal is to destroy personal computers and steal online banking accounts. Can you picture Baidu search Valley excellent rice, thank you ~ but remember, don’t download and open, because Windows own photo browser and ACDsee browser to open the file the virus will start automatically.

in order to let more people from its harm, please copy this article to you know QQ group, we join forces to resist this terrible virus. Delay you 60 seconds, may let others save 60 minutes time.

and the organization of the language, so that information looks more natural and realistic, then sent several groups, are the people who know me the group is not made, they said I made a SB is not good, only some before the strange group of add, then no longer tube. Second days after that, Baidu search "Valley excellent", search "Valley excellent rice" up to the first, and then "Valley excellent rice" appears first off prompted the emergence of a new "Valley excellent rice virus", it seems that the move does play boring a certain effect. But a little evil, we still do not mess with good. Ha ha! Here are two screenshots.



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